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Hi guys...

I'm Saraswathi a/p Regunathan...
I'm new to this blog section...I'm one of student of Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business, UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA KELANTAN (UMK). My course line is ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN COMMERCE.Besides that, my matric number is A09A242 and i'm also third year student in UMK.

 I'm a Kelantanese from Gua Musang.My date of birth is on 9th March 1988 and the venue i birth is Hospital Gua Musang. 

   Actually, since from child my ambition is either want to be a businesswomen as my grandmother nor an accountant. 

Further more, it is one of TRAVEL elective subject assignment create a blog about destination around the world. Through the assignment i can gain lots of things such as create blog, know more details and information about the places even and its quit interesting assignment for me.
I hope i will enjoy this task given by my Lecture and at the same time i hope readers also will enjoy reading my blog. Thank you. 


MELBOURNE was founded through fraud when adventurer John Batman, who is an Australian fluent in several aboriginal languages, made a “deal” with aborigines to lease land of behalf of speculators. Melbourne is located in Australia, Oceania.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

Fitzroy Gardens (including Cook House), Flinders Street Station, Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Museum, State Parliament House and………………


Although a number of early difficulties, including autocratic military governors, hunger and revolution, by the mid-nineteenth century Sydney was eastern Australia’s centre of commerce. This was in part due to the Gold Rush of 1851, which brought many immigrants to Australia’s eastern shores. European and Asian immigrants have always made up a significant proportion of Sydney’s population; giving the city a distinctly cosmopolitan style.Sydney is located in Australia, Oceania.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

Blue Moutains, Bondi Beach, Chinatown, Harbour Bridge, Manly Beach, Sdyney Aquarium, Sydney Cove, The Rocks and…………

New York City

New York City, the city of superlatives, is much more than the island of Manhattan. For over a century New York was the gateway to the “Promised Land”, to an American of unlimited opportunity. Many people coming to New York today do so for different reasons than immigrants of yore. Tourist come to experience the fast pace of this vast metropolis. Artists and intellectuals gather to New York to contribute of the creative energy of city life, motivated by first-class cultural institutions and events. New York City is located in United State of America, North America.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

American Museum of natural History, Brooklyn Bridge, Carneigie Hall, Trinity Church, Woolworth Building, Empire State Builing and…………..

San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO is a jewel of a city. The golden gate bridge, Alcatraz and cable cars running up and down its unreasonable hills are just a few of the unique attractions of this renowned gathering place of conventional thinkers. San Francisco is truly multicultural, with European nation represented and Latin American and Asian flavours pervade its atmosphere. May be because the next earthquake, locally referred to as the “Big One”, is a predetermined and scientifically proven conclusion, a mood of carpe diem the meaning the Latin word is seize the day. San Francisco is located in United State of America, North America.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

Alcatraz, Buena Vista Park, Cable Car Museum, Carlifornia Academy of Science, Coit Tower, San Francisco Musuem of Modern Art and ………………


Seattle is one of loveliest cities in United State. Numerous lakes and green spaces in the city emphasize the majesty of the Cascade Mountains and mount Rainer in the background. Green is the most prevalent colour in Seattle; it is not called as “The Emerald City” without reason.  The incorporation of natural border features such as hills and waterways into the city plan encouraged the development of distinct and varied neighborhoods, each with its own special charm. Seattle is located in United State of America, North America.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Frye Art Museum, Key Arena, Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park and Museum, maritime Heritage Museum Waterfront, Woodland Park Zoo and…………

Mexico City

Mexico City is the largest metropolis on the American continent and it is still growing. Despite the problems that inevitably accompany unrestrained growth. There are superb architectural treasures hidden behind the rather dull facades of this huge city. Mexico City has a number of acclaimed modern buildings, some of which are decorated with monumental paintings’ by the famous Mexican muralists, and world class museums house still more art and treasure.
 Mexico City is located in Mexico, Central and South America.  
The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

Zocalo, Xochimilco Park, Temple Mayor, Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, Alameda Park, Casa Azul, Chapultepec and………….


One of the largest banking centre’s in the world. It also is Europe’s most picturesque cities are located in the Swiss Alps on the shores of Lake Zurich. The city is lively, tolerant, open-minded and multicultural. The Zurich’s heart can be found in its Old City on the Limmat River, between the shores of Lake Zurich and Central Square. Zurich’s world famous Bahnhofstrasse, the main thoroughfare of its stylish banking and shopping district, runs from one end of the Old City to the other. The street called as “the shop window of Switzerland”. Zurich is located in Switzerland, Europe.  

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:
St.Augustine Church, Belvoir Park, Wassekirche (Water Church), Zurich Tonhalle, Swiss Landesmuseum and…………..


Paris is famous with the tagline of love. Artists and the art of living is only in Paris…..Romantics and dreamers everywhere celebrate its breathtaking architecture, Bohemian culture. Paris can experience what tourist unexpected. Tourists can try leave preconceived  notion about the city behind and instead of making a beeline for the major tourist sites, drift along the city’s grand boulevards, turning down the occasional side street, or shopping for a drink in a small, unremarkable cafĂ©. Paris is located in France, Europe.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

Arc de Triomphe, Arenes de Lutece ( Roman Amphitheatre), The Sorbonne, Versailles, Saint Denis, Paris Disneyland, Luxembourg Place and …………………….


There is United Kingdom, there is England and then there is London….Everything in London comes across as new and different. Throughout history, its people, fashion, trends, and street life have always expressed the very essence of city life. For an example, New York, London is a city that always lively. Many tourists arrived to London; most of them fall in love with London lifestyle. The new central London traffic zone, where private transport is essentially banned, makes the sights of London more navigable than ever before. It is also possible, and very pleasant, to walk through the city on foot, or to rent a bicycle along the Victorian Embankment on the Thames.  London is located in England, Europe.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

Battersea power Station, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Royal Botanic Gardens, Tower of London, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and……………….


Moscow is a showplace of Russian Culture, reflecting every turn of its colourful history. The long czarist kingdom, communism, and economic revival have all left their mark on the most Russian of Russian cities. Moscow is located in Russia, Europe.

Today’s Moscow is a prosperous international city, but it is also one of obvious economic contrasts and deep social divisions. The cosmopolitan layer laid over Moscow’s ancient, impenetrable front hides an array of problems that have characterized Russian culture since the days of Ivan the Terrible. Nevertheless, the time-honoured, unique charm of Moscow remains unchanged. Sacred structures including a host chapels, cloisters and cathedrals have always played a prominent role in the city. Their presence lends this city on the Moskva River an atmosphere redolent of czarist romanticism and the splendor of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Bolshoi S, Borodino Panorama Museum, Federatsiya, Triumph Palace, Lenin Mausoleum and……………

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is located in Malaysia. It linked with PETRONAS Twin Towers in the world. Since 1999, Formula One racing fans known Kuala Lumpur has hosted for Malaysian Grand Prix. It is a strategic place for import ant commercial and business center for over a century. Tree-lined streets, parks and public flower gardens are brightly illuminated at dusk, transforming the city into a beautiful night-time wonderland. It is no wonder that Kuala Lumpur is called “Garden City of Lights”. Kuala Lumpur is located in Malaysia, Asia.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

Chinese Night Market, Istana Negara (Official Royal Residence), Masjid Jamek Mosque, National Monument, Petronas Twin Tower, Suria KLCC (City Centre), Sri Mahamariamman Temple and…………….