Friday, 4 May 2012


Dubai is growing faster than any other city in the Devision Gult region. New and luxurious hotel complexes, shopping centers and high-rise apartment buildings are being built dairy. Dudai is a countless corporate headquarters, ultra-luxurious hotels and resorts, and high-end shopping malls. Dubai also home to the largest indoor snow park in the world, fittingly called Ski Dubai. The Ski Dubai located inside a gargantuan shopping mall, it opened in December 2005. The temperature inside the facility at the edge of the Arabian Desert is a constant -1 ˚C.  Meanwhile the temperature outside of the mall soars to 40 ˚C under the merciless desert sun. It would seem that in the city of Dubai. In Dubai anything is possible. Dubai is located United Arab Emirates, Asia.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

Gold Souk, Great Mosque, Palm Islands, Ski Dubai Resort Wild Wad Water Park and ………..  

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