Friday, 4 May 2012


Hi guys...

I'm Saraswathi a/p Regunathan...
I'm new to this blog section...I'm one of student of Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business, UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA KELANTAN (UMK). My course line is ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN COMMERCE.Besides that, my matric number is A09A242 and i'm also third year student in UMK.

 I'm a Kelantanese from Gua Musang.My date of birth is on 9th March 1988 and the venue i birth is Hospital Gua Musang. 

   Actually, since from child my ambition is either want to be a businesswomen as my grandmother nor an accountant. 

Further more, it is one of TRAVEL elective subject assignment create a blog about destination around the world. Through the assignment i can gain lots of things such as create blog, know more details and information about the places even and its quit interesting assignment for me.
I hope i will enjoy this task given by my Lecture and at the same time i hope readers also will enjoy reading my blog. Thank you. 

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  1. nice blog of you dear !
    keep it up and keep exploring. you'll learn lot more indeed.