Friday, 4 May 2012


Moscow is a showplace of Russian Culture, reflecting every turn of its colourful history. The long czarist kingdom, communism, and economic revival have all left their mark on the most Russian of Russian cities. Moscow is located in Russia, Europe.

Today’s Moscow is a prosperous international city, but it is also one of obvious economic contrasts and deep social divisions. The cosmopolitan layer laid over Moscow’s ancient, impenetrable front hides an array of problems that have characterized Russian culture since the days of Ivan the Terrible. Nevertheless, the time-honoured, unique charm of Moscow remains unchanged. Sacred structures including a host chapels, cloisters and cathedrals have always played a prominent role in the city. Their presence lends this city on the Moskva River an atmosphere redolent of czarist romanticism and the splendor of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Bolshoi S, Borodino Panorama Museum, Federatsiya, Triumph Palace, Lenin Mausoleum and……………

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