Friday, 4 May 2012


There is United Kingdom, there is England and then there is London….Everything in London comes across as new and different. Throughout history, its people, fashion, trends, and street life have always expressed the very essence of city life. For an example, New York, London is a city that always lively. Many tourists arrived to London; most of them fall in love with London lifestyle. The new central London traffic zone, where private transport is essentially banned, makes the sights of London more navigable than ever before. It is also possible, and very pleasant, to walk through the city on foot, or to rent a bicycle along the Victorian Embankment on the Thames.  London is located in England, Europe.

The most places visit by tourists is listed as below:

Battersea power Station, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Royal Botanic Gardens, Tower of London, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and……………….

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